We are as technology savvy and connected as we have ever been. Sadly, current day real estate processes and tools have not leveraged this power. Introducing...6Ripples.

6Ripples have reimagined what the total real estate experience should be. Our intuitive platform is built around “frictionless communication”, for you and your clients. 


Whether you are at your desk or on the go, 6Ripples will empower you to be productive and effective, so that your clients will be ecstatic.



Make more money using our Artificial Intelligence powered Analytics engine



Professional websites that will leave unforgettable first impression. 



We made it specifically for real estate business. Single purpose CRM that just works.



Maxmise your listings exposure to real people, ready to buy



Receive better qualified leads. More mature, more likely to close



We help real estate agents become top 1%. 6Ripples product offers unique analytics by constantly watching market fluctuations. Platform presents success factors and predictions around properties of your choice. Comparative market analysis at your fingertips. Make marketing decisions to attract new buyers, and sellers with just couple of clicks.

6Ripples simplifies your digital marketing strategy. Our product is opinionated around real estate business. We help you to stay focused on just SELLING.



Today, across the real estate industry, only ½ to 1% of leads ever convert to a final sale!   Some of you may have seen the actual studies, but many of you just feel this to be true based on your own experience.   

Some might say, “But I can buy leads”.  Well you can (and likely do), and spend hundreds of dollars in the process.  However, how much time do you invest in this, which you would prefer to spend actually doing what you love… selling!  

And how reliable are the leads you are paying for or spending your valuable time chasing yourself?  

What if your market exposure was more accurate, more efficient, more reliable?  This is where 6Ripples comes in...



The 6Ripples digital transformation starts with a familiar approach; creating online listings. Branded websites that integrate with IDX,VOW and CREA. Daily updates are automatically managed based on your preferences.

Simplicity and automation is a fundamental belief at 6Ripples.  No one should be expected to repeat mundane tasks and we believe that creating listings fits under that category.

You can import existing listings quickly and easily to keep freeing your time up, away from administration and on to customer engagement.


Now you’ve created your listing, how are buyers going to find your properties and services?

Users are free to search the 6Ripples property directory, however digital marketing via 6Ripples doesn’t end there.

Instead we provide you access to the power of social media platforms to easily promote your services to an engaged audienceReal people actively searching for information about properties, or even looking to buy or sell right now!

6Ripples will reinvent your marketing strategy.  One click gets you and your brand in front of thousands, saving you money, and more importantly your precious time.

Become more efficient and immediately start saving money spent on traditional advertising means with limited exposure and unknown returns.

Connect with your customers via video calls integrated into your daily life. Let 6Ripples AI assistant answer questions when you are not there. 6Ripples knows everyone’s calendar - buyer, seller, and agents.  Just pick an open spot in the calendar for the listing, and that’s it, you are done.  Everyone will get a notification that you want to do a showing with your client at 4pm, this coming Saturday - easy, immediate.



All communications are reliable are trackable in your calendar and in your CRM.  No more calling multiple people and logging into multiple platforms to see what you are doing next today.  Everything is driven out of 6Ripples to help you and your customers.


6Ripples is a platform that helps agents, sellers and buyers to connect and stay connected. We love and care deeply for how users interact with our digital services. We empower our users with tools that are intuitive, easy to use and non-intrusive. We made it our mission to bring the best of enterprise and consumers communications tools to one tightly integrated package.

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