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Interactive CRM


Elegant and easy to use CRM. 6Ripples ultra focused workflows make your job as a real estate agent completely frictionless. Your own personal A.I. assistant will greet every visitor, and will continue talking to them even when they are offline. All of the interactions will be recorded in your CRM as activities.

Slick UI
Every lead is automatically qualified
Insights & Analytics
Browsing History.
Email Marketing Campaigns
Smart Calendar

Email Marketing


Most essential email marketing tools at your fingertips. Carefully designed email templates help you get started right away. Request Google, Facebook, Instagram reviews and likes. Do you need to add a client to a prospect list? Not a problem. Couple of clicks and you will be on your way. 6Ripples connects every aspect of your flow back to your CRM. Are you looking to send birthday cards to your existing clients? We can do that too. Get updates when TERMINATED listings with high potential show up in the database. 6Ripples can watch for changes in the marketplace, and model "what/if" cases by performing CMA analysis using future possibilities algorithm.

Lead Curation


Lead acquisition and management. 6Ripples will send a personalized welcome email to every client as soon as it is acquired. On top of that 6Ripples platform will try to make first contact via SMS and web ChatBot. System will validate to ensure phone number provided actually exists and belongs to a real person. People are shopping online, and more likely to engage within the first 30 minutes of the first contact point. Your personal A.I. driven Assistant will be there to answer questions, and even book a client into a call.  

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