A.I. Analytics

Would not be great to be able to tell the future?


We can. Instant CMA, days-on-market and predictions analysis.


Find out instantly how long a property will be on the market. 6Ripples predictive algorithm will produce a price that you can share and help customers make informed decisions. Predictive price and days-on-market algorithm is exclusive to 6Ripples. Take full advantage of Smart 6Ripples tools as part of the monthly subscription.

Using 6Ripples Home Evaluator you can determine the best list price. 6Ripples tools will generate CMA instantly using recently SOLD data. 6Ripples tech is so smart that it can even analyze descriptions that you publish to help you generate most interest when taking your listing online. Product is built around real estate business. 6Ripples A.I. engine can tell when images are out too dark and out of focus to help score best first impression.



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