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Infinitely Customizable Real Estate Websites.

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Stop wasting your real estate leads by having your clients browse other sources for information. Use 6Ripples is an integrated platform to give your customers ability to find any property across Canada in just couple of clicks. You and your customers will love ability to search for SOLD listings by simply asking the system to show "sold properties near me". Simply type and ask questions using natural language queries. 6Ripples will sort out the rest. It will detect location, price range and will filter automatically. 6Ripples ensures that your content is easily discoverable by Goole and Bing. Select areas that you would like to cover, and 6Ripples will start automatically publishing new content to the search engine daily.

Slick mobile experience

Fast, Smart and Simple interface will ensure your clients are impressed. 70% percent of people shopping online are using mobile phones. 6Ripples user interface is built for mobile first. Customers will find it easy to use, and will keep coming back.

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Make your real estate website your own. Our agent sites are fully customizable, which will enable you to give it a personal touch. Add your blog, Instagram or Facebook, New Constructions or Announcements. We can do it all.


A.I powered Smart Assistant

Allow your personal assistant to help your clients with any questions they have pertaining to real estate. A.I assistant can help you clients find the right properties whether they are on your site or via SMS messages. It will even schedule and book appointments in your calendar.


Leads Generation

On average it takes 1.5 hours to create and setup a simple advertisement using Facebook and Google ad systems. Are these ads going to work and target the right people? Will they convert, will my hard earned dollars go to waste? 

6Ripples 1-click ad delivery system will create a landing page, scale and upload creatives, and even will come up with a description. More importantly, it only takes 30 seconds to get going. All of your leads will be captured in the CRM.

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